Support Centre for Victims of Incest and Sexual Assault

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SMISO- Nordland (Support Centre for Victims of Incest and Sexual Assault) is a resource for persons over 16 years of age, of any gender, who have been exposed to incest or have been sexually assaulted. We are not a replacement for the public relief institution, but a supplementary service.

  • We help people to help themselves.
  • We offer support for those persons exposed to incest or sexual abuse. We work with people on ways to improve how to go forward with their lives on their own terms.
  • We combat sexual abuse against children.

Both individual persons and professionals who need information or guidance can apply to the centre. This offer is free of charge.

Helping people to help themselves.

Many people still harbour painful experiences of sexual abuse. Some have been dealing with this abuse from a young age, keeping abuse a personal dark secret that they felt could not be shared with anybody. Incest should not be subdued by silence; it should be spoken about until it is eradicated.

SCVISA wishes to focus on each individual’s resources so that they can gain control over their life and surround themselves with a community based on mutual trust and support.

Contact us

Tel: 75 17 30 50
Tel: 469 36 760

Telephone Availability

Monday, Thursday and Friday: 1000 – 1500
Toll free number for support for victims of incest and sexual assault:  800 57 000 (Centre in Vestfold)

Address for visitors:

Strandgata 36
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Monday, Thursday and Friday: 1000 – 1500
Tuesday: 1700 – 2130